Weather and Nautical Links
Weather & Nautical Links

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Marine Weather Worldwide -- Weather Underground
Navy Regional Weather Models
Tropical & Hurricane Weather Worldwide -- Weather Underground
Navigation Updates East Coast, Great Lakes, Gulf Coast, Inland Waterways  -- Waterway Guide
Fuel Pricing East Coast, Great Lakes, Gulf Coast, Inland Waterways -- Waterway Guide
Passage Weather -- surface winds, pressure, wave height and direction, Gulf Stream location and speed
Offshore Marine Text Forecasts -- NOAA
US High Seas Marine Text Forecasts, NOAA
Buoy Data Worldwide -- NOAA
Satellite Images -- NOAA
NY Canal System
Tide and Current Predictions -- NOAA
Belize Weather Service
Radiofax charts for the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico and Pacific
Lake Okeechobee Waterway Levels USACE Jacksonville District
Windfinder -- graphical wind speed and direction worldwide
New Orleans District Lock Status (Harvey, Industrial, Algiers, Calcasieu, Leland Bowman and others) U.S. Army Corps of Engineers New Orleans District: Lock Status Summary
Active Captain -- Interactive Cruising Guide with Chart Viewer
Noonsite --  Jimmy Cornell's website for cruising sailors.  Country data to include ports, anchorages, berthing, weather, clearance, immigration, customs
On-line Coast Pilots Regions 1 to 9 -- NOAA
Chart Viewer, Publications and Downloads -- NOAA
Cruiser's Net
Pleasure Boat Entry Information -- DHS Pleasure Boat Reporting Requirements -


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