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Review our boat delivery process and the FAQ below to select the best delivery captain.

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Below is an outline of our Sailboat, Powerboat, Yacht & Commercial Vessel Delivery Process:

1.  Request your Boat Delivery Estimate -- We make your estimate request easy.  You may contact Global Delivery Service (GDS) by phone 832-541-7569 or enter your delivery estimate request on-line.  Either method takes about two minutes to complete.
2.  Review the Delivery Estimate--
Within 3 days GDS e-mails your estimate that includes: the estimated cost & time, the delivery captain's credentials and the route.  We also send our delivery agreement.  The agreement caps your delivery at a specific number of days.  If  the delivery takes fewer days you are only billed for the days used.
3.  Select Your Delivery Team -- Our professional business process; competitive rates; college degreed, non-smoking, Coast Guard licensed captains; shore-based support; discounted boating supplies and a long list of satisfied clients are all factors in your decision process to select Global Delivery Service as your delivery team.
4.  Deposit and Insurance and other Paperwork -- After selecting GDS you send your deposit.  GDS then books the most cost effective crew travel.  You will also send a copy of the vessel's insurance that includes the captain and crew.  You will also send proof of ownership and a copy of the vessel's documentation or state registration.
5.  Pre-Departure Preparation -- We assume the vessel is seaworthy.  Upon arrival at the vessel the captain will conduct a pre-departure check and prepare the vessel for the delivery. 
6.  During the Boat Delivery -- The delivery crew performs maintenance checks and logs the navigation data.  For extended offshore deliveries and deliveries during the tropical cyclone season we use a weather routing service.  The captain also provides updates that are posted on our website so that you may follow your delivery as it happens.
7.  After the Boat Delivery -- We secure and clean the vessel and provide a summary of issues found during the delivery.
8.  Client Satisfaction -- Our criteria for success are the safe delivery of the vessel and the crew and satisfied clients who will use our services again and recommend Global Delivery Service to fellow boaters.  We have many satisfied sailboat and powerboat owners who recommend our services.

Frequently Asked Boat Delivery Questions:  
If this is your first boat delivery the questions and answers below should help guide your selection of your powerboat or sailboat delivery service.  If you are a veteran of many deliveries or relocations our answers should help you determine that we know our business.

Do you charge for the boat delivery estimate? How much will it cost to deliver my boat?
How do I choose a boat delivery service? What type of boats do you deliver?
Do you offer training or consulting services? Who performs the delivery?
How do I book a boat delivery? Can you provide references?
Does the boat need to be USCG documented or State Registered? Does the boat need to be insured?
Is a deposit required? Is a survey required?
Do you charge by the day or by the mile? Do you use a weather routing service?
Am I charged for weather delays? Am I charged for mechanical delays?
Do tools and spares need to be on board? Do I need to have a life raft or EPIRB/SPOT on board?
Do cooking utensils need to be on board? Do cleaning materials need to be on board?
Do you have contact with the owner during delivery? Do linens and towels need to be on board?
What happens if the boat breaks down? Do you transport boats by truck?



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