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Recently Completed Deliveries:

380 Lagoon Sailing Catamaran "Do Wah Diddy Diddy"  Repeat Client
From Fajardo, Puerto Rico to Baltimore, MD -- 1443 nm.
GDS Provided a captain and mate to assist owner.
Weather Support Provided by Marine Weather & Communications.
Departed 9 April -- Completed 5 May

Captain will us SPOT tracker to send position updates during the delivery. 
Click on this link to follow the progress:


Delivery Route

Owner at Helm at Departure, Captain in Background

Mate at Helm

Delivery Route as of Morning of 14 April

All times noted are CDT
11 March:  Captain arrives at boat for sea trials with owner.
16 March:  Mate arrives at boat.
23 March:  Due to mechanical issues owner has crew return to home base until repairs are made.
2 April:  Repairs completed, owner conducts sea trials and requests crew return to the vessel.

6 - 7 April:  Captain and Mate returned to the boat and joined owner to prepare for an 8 April departure.

7 April: 
o  Captain sends test SPOT tracker report. 
o  Received weather forecast that recommended route change to Bahamas Channel versus original routing on windward side of islands. 
o  During pre-departure inspection one engine was found not to be running properly.
8 April:  Crew and mechanic trouble shoot and resolve engine problem.

9 April: 
o  6:10 AM captain reports they are underway.
o  10:13 AM captain calls in and reports they have cleared the east side of Puerto Rico, winds are SSW at 15 knots, following seas 1 to 3 feet, they are making 6.3 knots under sail.  Had light rain this morning at departure, now scattered clouds.  Next update tomorrow morning.

10 April:  11:28 AM captain calls in with following report.  They are currently sailing on a course of 303 degree magnetic at a speed of 4 knots.  Seas are 1 to 2 feet and winds are 120 degrees at 10 knots.  Skies are clear.  Last night they motor sailed at low rpm at a speed just under 4 knots.  Had light commercial traffic during the night (1 cruise ship and 2 freighters).  Discovered the port engine was leaking oil from a return low pressure pipe.  Crew will try to patch leak with onboard materials and owner is evaluating options to continue with one engine or stop and effect repairs.  Engine could be used for short periods if needed for close maneuvering.  Next update tomorrow morning.

11 April:  11:13 AM captain calls in with following report.  They are just off Dominican Republic (click link above for location).  They have been sailing for last 24 hours making between 5 to 7 knots.  Current course is 292 degrees magnetic.  Winds are out of the SE at 12 knots and seas have 4 ft. gentle swells.  Temperature is about 80 degrees with scattered clouds.  Did not see much vessel traffic in last 24 hours -- a couple of freighters during the night and today they saw a couple of sailboats that apparently originated and returned to DR.  Found one flying fish on the hard top.  Owner took the leaking oil line off and has repaired it with epoxy.  They are letting the epoxy cure and will reinstall later today to see if the fix worked.  Captain will call weather service tomorrow for an update on the forecasted frontal passage and make a decision if they need to pull into port to let front pass.  Next update tomorrow morning.

12 April:  11:17 AM captain calls in with following report.  They are just south of Great Iguana Island (click SPOT tracker link above for position 20).  They have been mostly sailing at 6 to 7 knots and occasionally running the starboard engine to top off the batteries. Winds are out of the ESE at 16 to 18 knots and seas are 4 to 5 feet. Captain reported he had checked in with our weather service/router -- see details/summary below.  The epoxy fix to the port engine oil return line did not work.  They will try another method (compression seal with a piece of fuel hose and a fuel clamp to compress the hose against the leak).  Captain asked me to see if I can find a spare part for pick up in either Ft. Lauderdale or Miami.  Their ETA into FLL or MIA is 16 or 17 April.
12 April Weather Summary: 

Just spoke with vessel 50 mi East of Great Inaugua...good sailing past 24 hrs, winds E at 20 knots gusting to 25.  Oil line for 1 engine broke, but other engine is 100% operable. Should NOT need to motor more than 24 hrs during remainder of trip to Miami, as there's good wind thru at-least Sun13.

Forecast W of Great Inaugua thru Old Bahama Channel thru Sun13 night or Mon14: 090-110@15-18g23, 4-5'. Cold FRONT presses S to just N of Miami about Tue15 night.

Should not be any problems getting to Miami, except possibility of too-light-wind-for-sailing last 24hrs of trip (forecast for Mon14-Tue15 approaching Miami: SE<S@10-20).

Suggested vessel call me Mon14 morning to double-check that Cold FRONT will not be an issue getting to Miami (vessel would be able to stop in Cay Sal Bank Mon14 if FRONT were an issue getting to Miami).

We'll have to wait to assess conditions N of Miami during the week of Mon14. FRONT may persist much (or all) of the week of Mon14, with strong NE wind/seas, and impossible conditions to travel much N of Miami. No solid feel for when N-bound trip could resume.

Think this was a GOOD call to use Old Bahama Channel route, as N/NE of Bahamas it's squally with fluky, variable wind...and, once Cold FRONT dives into W Atlantic Tue15 night, areas N of Bahamas (N of Abacos) may see persistent NE@20-30 (with 10'+ seas in Gulf Stream) for several days.

Once vessel gets to Miami, we'll reassess prospects for heading North.

13 April:  11:07 AM captain calls with following report.  They are currently about 30 miles north of the Cuban coast -- (click SPOT tracker link above position 25).  Currently sailing at 6 knots.  Their average overall speed since departure is 5.85 knots.  Winds are SE at 15 knots and the seas are down to 1 to 3 feet.  The temporary compression fix on oil lube line appears to be working.  Plan is to pull into Ft. Lauderdale to replace the line.  ETA FLL is 16 April.  Crew are doing well.  Captain will call in for weather update tomorrow morning.  Observed little vessel traffic last 24 hours.  Next update tomorrow morning.

14 April: 

o  12:27 AM captain calls with following report. He had been trying since 11 AM to call in and we had a poor connection but this is what I received:  They are motor sailing making 6 knots. Winds have laid down a bit to 12 to 13 knots our of the ESE/SE and seas are around 3 feet.  The weather is good.  The temperature is 82 degrees and good visibility.  Did have a thundershower earlier today.  He indicated the temporary fix to the oil line leak is working.  Captain did say he connected with our weather service earlier today and the forecast indicated winds would lay down to the point they would need to motor motor/sail into Florida.  See weather summary below Captain said they have enough fuel to complete the delivery under motor if necessary.  At that point we were cut off before he could complete his update.  I was unable to let him know that I have located a replacement oil line in Ft. Lauderdale.

o  1:12 PM captain reconnects.  I was able to pass him contact information on replacement oil line and he reconfirmed ETA into FLL morning of Wednesday 16 April.

o  1:17 PM receive weather summary:

Just spoke with vessel.  Arrival in S Florida is Wed 16.

 Advised we may see spillover across FRONT by Wed16 morning, with possible N wind in 10-15k range, maybe clocking NE and stronger later in the day.

Advised this may make conditions in Gulf Stream vessel should position at W edge of Gulf Stream off Miami...then make a decision when passing Miami whether to:

 --continue N in Gulf Stream (if conditions are benign)
--continue N on W side of Gulf Stream (right along Coast where conditions should be less-rough than in Gulf Stream)
--put into Miami, and go to FLL on the inside (if it's really rough)

 Outlook for getting underway again: not sure precisely when conditions may improve enough to allow N-bound travel...could be as soon as Sun20, but maybe not till Mon21...SUGGEST planning to move N in ICW thru about Sun20, then complete trip offshore Mon21 onward.

15 April:  11:12 AM captain calls with following report.  They are currently in the Santaren Channel approaching the Florida coast -- (click SPOT tracker link above position 36).  Winds are ESE at 5 to 6 knots and the seas are down to 1 foot.  Because of the light winds they are currently motoring with both engines at 6 knots.  ETA into Ft. Lauderdale is 16 April mid-day.  In FLL they will refuel, re-supply and replace the leaking oil line.  Offshore weather forecast is not expected to be good for next several days.  Captain will assess if he proceeds north near shore or if they proceed north via the ICW.  Crew are doing well.  Observed no vessel traffic for last 18 hours.  Next update tomorrow morning.

16 April:
o  10:08 AM captain sends SPOT tracker report indicating they have secured in FLL.
o  11:46 AM captain call and reports they topped off fuel at Bahia Mar marina while owner went to pick up replacement oil line. For the last few hours before they entered the jetties at FLL they had north wind on the nose at 17 to 20 knots and the boat speed was down to 2 knots.  Weather offshore continues to be rough and the captain is proceeding north via ICW and will try to secure some where south of West Palm Beach for the evening. Next update this evening upon securing.
o 5:47 PM captain calls and reports they have secured for the night about 24 miles south of Palm Beach. -- (click Spot tracker link above position 44).  Captain got an update from our weather service.  Offshore conditions poor for another five days.  Captain will continue north in ICW.

17 April:
o  9:40 AM captain calls and reports they departed at 9:10 AM.  Their departure was delayed due to issue will diesel in oil  of the starboard engine.  Fault most likely is from a leaky fuel pump diaphragm.  Part has been ordered and will be shipped to Sail Fish Marina in West Palm Beach where they plan to berth tonight.
o  4:18 PM captain sends SPOT tracker report indicating they are anchored for the evening.
o  6:57 PM owner calls and discusses options for remainder of the delivery to Baltimore.  He will pick up and install fuel pump tomorrow which will hopefully fix the problem of diesel mixing with the oil.  Weather forecast indicates continuing north offshore is not probable until mid to late next week which means the delivery can continue but only in the ICW.  For an ICW delivery only two crew will be required since they will stop and berth/anchor each night.  Therefore, one GDS crewmember will return to home base tomorrow and the owner and the GDS captain will continue the delivery to Baltimore in the ICW.  No more SPOT reports will be submitted.  Captain will report departure each day and when and where secure for the evening.

18 April:
o  6:25 PM captain reports that they have been waiting on the part all day and that owner returned with parts at 6:10 PM and installed fuel pump on starboard engine.  Initial test indicated that it seems to work. Captain said they would work on port engine tomorrow evening upon securing for the night.

19 April:
o  7:31 AM captain reports they are underway with thunderstorms around them.
o  7:33 AM captain reports the weather is clearing and the rain has stopped.
o  4:50 PM captain reports they took a mooring ball at Vero Beach, FL Municipal Marina at ICW Mile 951.  Made 69 statue miles progress today.  Yesterday's fix of the starboard fuel pump looks like it worked.  Reported they were about to start work on the port engine.

20 April:
o  7:40 AM captain sends message -- Happy Easter and underway.  Having issues with starboard engine not being able to come up to full RPM.  Owner put oil return line on port engine last evening and that looks like it is working ok; however rpm gage is not working so that is the project for this evening.
o  6:20 PM captain reports mooring at Titusville, FL at ICW mile 878.  Made 71 statue miles progress today.

21 April:
o  7:30 captain reports they have departed Titusville, FL.  Wind is on the nose at 12 knots.  Running on two engines at 2500 rpms.

o  7:00 PM captain reports they have secured at Palm Coast Marina ICW mile 803.  Made 72 statue miles progress today.

22 April:
o  7:20 AM captain reports they are underway.  Replaced port engine thermostat last evening.  Running on both engines at 2700 rpms.  All appears ok.
o  6:24 PM captain reports they have secured at anchor at Amelia River approximately 3 miles south of Fernandina Beach, FL. 83 sm today. Both engines running ok.  Will get fuel tomorrow at Fernandina Beach.

23 April:
o  Reported up anchor at 7:20 AM. Lost starboard engine.  It was not pumping water.  Were able to get it working by priming. Took on fuel at Fernandina Harbor Marina and were on their way north.
o  Reported they had anchored at North River at Mile 650 at 7:50 PM.  Have experienced lots of current and wind since Lake Worth.  Averaging 73 SM per day.  Saw two bald eagles and three deer during today's run. Goal for tomorrow is to get north of Savannah River.

24 April:
o  Reported underway at 7:30 AM.
o  7:50 PM at anchor at Mile 607.  Only made 46 sm today.  Had 4.5 hour delay to free from grounding. 

25 April:
o Reported under way tt 7:25 AM and all is well.
o  5:23 reported secure at Beaufort , SC.  Still having issue with port engine overflow tank getting 3/4 full by end of the day.  Replacing the thermostat did not fix the problem.

26 April:
o  Captain reported up anchor at 7:20 AM.  Had quiet night at Beaufort, SC.  Calm, clear.  Hope to be north of Charleston, SC when we secure for the evening.
o  Captain reported they anchored at 8:00 PM at Seven Porcher Creek about two miles north of Isle of Palms which is 2 hours north of Charleston, SC.  Covered 80 nm today

27 April:
o  Captain reported up anchor at 7:15 AM and underway at ICW mile 456.  Weather is calm and clear.
o  Captain reported anchored at 7:15 PM at ICW mile 375.  Made 81 sm today.  Great weather plan to be in North Carolina tomorrow night.

28 April:
o   Captain reported up anchor at 7:20 AM.  Calm weather and 70 degrees.  Took on fuel and water.  We are on watch for severe weather for the next  couple of days.
o  Captain reported secured at Carolina Beach State Park Marina at ICW mile 297 at 7:00 PM. Made 78 sm today.

29 April:
o   Captain reported underway at 7:10 AM.  Have thick fog and are currently waiting for the Wrightsville Beach Bridge opening.
o  Captain reported they had secured at 6:30 PM at Dudley's Marina, ICW mile 228 at Swansboro NC.

30 April:
o  Captain reported last lines off at 7:20 AM.  Had quiet night last night without any severe weather; however storms are predicted for tonight.  Currently 4 miles south of Beaufort, NC.
o  3:44 PM captain calls and reports they secured for the day at a commercial dock near the Hobuken Bridge (ICW Mile 157) to let a strong band of thunderstorms pass.

1 May:
o  Captain reports they were underway at 7:00 AM.  Weather is currently overcast.  Had several thunderstorms last night and were glad to be tied to a dock.
o  Captain reports they are secured at dock at eh Alligator River Marina at 3:20 PM.  Serious showers all around.

2 May:
o  Captain reports they are underway at 6:50 AM.  Winds are west at 9 knots and overcast skies.
o  Captain reports they secured at the free dock at Great Bridge, VA.

3 May:
o  Captain reports lines off at 6:50 AM.  Weather was overcast, cool and rain in the distance.
o  Captain reports they secured to dock at Reedville, VA.  79 sm to go.

4 May:
o  6:45 AM captain reports that last lines were off.  Weather is calm, clear and a cool 52 degrees.  Captain does not expect to make it all the way to home port today.
o  Captain reports secured on a mooring at Annapolis Municipal Marina at 6:30 PM.  Tomorrow they will complete the 15 to 20 miles to vessel's home port and the captain has flight reservations to return to home port on Tuesday.

5 May:
o  9:22 AM captain reports they are secured at their destination marina in Baltimore.  Captain will return to home port on Tuesday.


53 Selene Trawler "Adrift at Last"
From Newport, RI to Palm Beach, FL -- 1133 nm.
GDS provided a captain, mate & deckhand.
Weather Support Provided by Marine Weather & Communications.
Departed 9 Nov. -- Completed 18 Nov. 2013.
Captain used SPOT tracker to send position updates during the trawler delivery.

Note:  All times noted are CST

Planned Delivery Route

Deckhand Mark at Cape May, NJ. Note Gale and Small Craft Warning Flags in Background

Adrift At Last Crew at Cape Hatteras (Deckhand Mark L, Captain Dennis C, Mate Lori R)

Sunset at Cape Hatteras

Owner at the Helm

Delivery Route as Recorded by SPOT Tracker

7 Nov:  Captain test of SPOT tracker successful.
Friday 8 Nov: 
1:37 PM:  Captain and crew reported arrival at the boat.

3:55 PM:  Captain receives weather report from Chris Parker.
6:56 PM:  Captain reports he is nearly finished with the pre-delivery checklist.  He had identified a few issues these issues and routing options were discussed with owner.
Saturday 9 Nov:
1:21 PM:  Mate reports they departed the dock at 1:02 PM.  Will proceed via Long Island Sound to NY City.
Sunday 10 Nov:
9:46 AM captain reports they have secured at the Masion Marina in Great Kills Harbor.  Boat and crew did well in the passage from Newport.  Last night from 10 PM to 2 AM they had gusts to 45 knots with 6 to 8 ft. seas and occasionally larger.  Captain will layover here until forecasted gale force conditions pass.
Monday 11 Nov:
8:18 AM captain reports they received weather report indicating favorable weather window to proceed down the Jersey coast.  They departed at 7:03 AM.
9:51 PM captain reports that at 9 PM they encountered a very confused sea state of 4 to 6 ft. seas with an occasional 10 footer.  They are securing at Cape May, NJ and expect to be tied up by midnight.
Tuesday 12 Nov:
8:29 AM captain calls in with update.  They secured at Canyon Club Marina in Cape May, NJ last night at 11:56 PM.  He described the offshore conditions last night after 10 PM Eastern as “like being in a washing machine”.  Based on what he is getting from our weather service he plans to depart Cape May tomorrow Wed 13 Nov around 3 PM to cross the Delaware Bay entrance at high slack tide and proceed south.  As he approaches the Chesapeake Bay entrance he will recheck weather forecast to determine routing options to proceed inside via the ICW or proceed outside around Cape Hatteras.
Wednesday 13 Nov:
3:13 PM captain reports they departed at 3:00 PM and had a pod of 8 dolphins escort them out the pass.
4:11 PM captain reports they are about halfway across the entrance to Delaware Bay.  Seas 4 ft. from starboard quarter and the stabilizers doing well.
Thursday 14 Nov:
2:05 PM captain proceeding offshore and reports ETA at Cape Hatteras at 8:30 PM.  Winds were out of the west at 10 knots and the seas were 3 to 4 feet.
3:04 PM  mate sends updated ETA at Cape Hatteras of 8:00 PM.  Reported winds had picked up a bit to 20 to 25 knots out of the southwest.  Seas down a bit to 2 to 3 feet.  Boat and her systems were performing well.
Friday & Saturday 15 & 16 Nov:
Vessel proceeding offshore.  ETA Palm Beach is late Sunday or early Monday morning.
Sunday 17 Nov:
12:09 PM  Captain calls with an update.  ETA into Ft. Worth Inlet estimated at 5 AM Monday.  Currently experiencing 5 foot confused seas with a bit of a rough ride.  After discussion with owner we change plans to enter enter Ft. Pierce inlet and layover for the night.  ETA at the Ft. Pierce inlet is 7:30 PM.  Captain will meet owner, refuel and proceed to Palm Beach tomorrow. 
Captain reported securing at the Pelican Club Marina at 6:51 PM
Monday 18 Nov:
6:05 AM Captain reports they have started refueling.
7:50 AM Captain sends SPOT position report indicating they are proceeding to Palm Beach via the ICW.
5:45 PM Captain reports they have secured at destination in Palm Beach.
6:45 PM Captain reports he and his crew are returning to Ft. Lauderdale.  Deckhand Mark will return to home base tomorrow, Tuesday.


46 Fountain Pajot Sailing Catamaran "Nine Tales"
From Grenada to Clearwater, FL -- 1616 nm.
GDS provided a captain & mate to assist owner.
Departed 11 Nov. -- Completed 23 Nov. 2013.
Captain used SPOT tracker to send position updates during the sailboat delivery. 

Note:  All times noted are CST

Delivery Route

Nine Tales Crew at Departure Owner Left, Mate Center, Captain Right

7 Nov:  Captain's test of SPOT tracker successful.
9 -11 Nov:  Captain and Mate will travel to meet owner at the boat in Grenada and prepare for departure.
Saturday 9 Nov:
7:57 PM captain reports he arrived at boat.
Monday 11 Nov
10:07 AM Captain sends report that mate's inbound flight schedule changed.  Captain and owner will depart this afternoon and pick up Mate in St. Lucia tomorrow. 
1:03 PM  Captain sends initial SPOT tracker position report indicating they have departed Grenada.
Tuesday 12 Nov:
11:11 AM Captain sends SPOT tracker position report indicating they have arrived into St. Lucia waters
11:24 AM Captain reports that they motored from Grenada into head seas and winds.  Used about 30% of their fuel load.  Will secure for the night at Marigot Bay to take on fuel, clear customs and pick up mate.
5:06 PM Captain secures at Marina at Marigot Bay.
Wednesday 13 Nov:
7:48 AM Captain calls and reports they have taken on fuel, cleared customs, checked weather and plan to depart for the Southwest corner of Puerto Rico.  Their arrival estimated in about two days time.  Captain will call in each day by Sat Phone with an update and continue to send SPOT tracker position reports.
8:16 AM Captain sends SPOT tracker position report indicating they have departed St. Lucia.
Thursday 14 Nov:
10:53 AM Captain calls in and reports they are sailing 7 miles north of Isle de Aves, averaging about 5.7 knots.  Winds estimated at 12 knots out of the NE seas are about 5 feet.  Boat and crew are doing well.  At their current speed they estimate they will be at the SW corner of Puerto Rico in about 1.5 days time.
Friday 15 Nov:
10:23 AM Captain calls in and reports they have slowed down to about 5 knots sailing in ENE winds of 10 knots.  Seas are 3 to 5 feet.  Weather is partly cloudy and they have had no rain for the last 1.5 days.  Owner just caught a tuna and it got invited to lunch.  Boat and crew doing well.  Based on the reduced speed captain estimates arrival at his waypoint on the SW corner of Puerto Rico in about 20 hours time.
Saturday 16 Nov:
10:27 AM captain calls in and reports they are sailing at 6 knots.  Winds are NE at 12 to 15 knots and the seas are 6 foot swells.  It has been partly cloudy with a temperature of 86 degrees.  Nice sailing weather.  Crew and boat are doing well.  Rough ETA into Key West, FL is Nov. 22.  Captain will continue to refine arrival date as they get closer.  Owner is doing well providing the catch of the day.  Four more fish were caught in the last 24 hrs. and all were invited to lunch.
Sunday 17 Nov:
10:09 AM captain calls in and reports they are sailing at 5.5 knots.  Winds are NE 12 to 15 knots and the seas are 6 foot swells.  Had a bit of rough weather last night when the winds piped up to 28 knots with higher gusts. Boat and crew doing well.  ETA into Key west is still 22/23 Nov.
Monday 18 Nov:
10:25 AM captain calls in and reports they are motor sailing at 5.5 knots.  Winds are ENE 10 to 12 Knots.  They are about 72 miles out of Matthew Town and will make a decision tomorrow morning if they need to layover for refuel.  Without the stopover he still estimates arrival into Key West 22/23 Nov.
Wednesday 20 Nov:
10:22 AM captain reports they are motor sailing at 7 knots.  Winds are NE at 11 knots and the seas are down to 2-3 feet.  Boat and crew are doing well.  ETA into Key West is Friday morning 22 Nov.  There they will clear into US Customs/Immigration and refuel.
Thursday 21 Nov:
10:16 AM captain reports they are motor sailing at 6 knots.  Winds are E to ENE at 17 knots and the seas are 1-3 feet.  Boat and crew are doing well.  ETA into Key West is Friday morning around 7 AM.  Plan is to clear into customs, refuel and proceed to Clearwater Friday afternoon if possible.
Friday 22 Nov:
8:48 AM  captain reports they  arrived at Key West at 7:00 AM, they have cleared customs, refueled, checked weather conditions for remainder of deliver and dropped off mate at the Airport.  Mate will return to home base.  Clearing customs was much faster than expected.  Captain and owner departed at 9:06 AM for Clearwater, FL.  ETA into Clearwater in a little over 36 hours from departure.  Captain will continue to check in daily around 10 AM central and will continue to send SPOT position updates.
4:07 PM captain calls in by sat phone and reports they had a fan belt failure on the starboard engine, thus they have lost the starboard engine and have noticed excessive vibration in the rudders.  Captain's best guess at this point is the vibration most likely is from wear on the rudder bearing(s).  Since headwinds forecasted on their route to Clearwater, they are returning to Key West to make repairs.  ETA into Key West is early Saturday morning.
8:33 PM captain reports they are back in Key West.  They were able to replace the fan belt and restart the starboard engine and make good time thus the earlier than estimated arrival.
Saturday 23 Nov:
8:20 AM captain reports they have relocated the boat to Robie's Boat Yard.  Owner has decided to release the captain to return to home base.  Owner will stay with boat to arrange rudder repairs.


43 Selene Trawler "Big Chill/Celebrate"
From Josephine, AL to Kemah, TX -- 517 nm.
GDS provided a Texas based captain & mate to assist owner.
Weather Support Provided by Marine Weather & Communications.
Departed 24 Oct. -- Completed 26 Oct. 2013
Captain used SPOT tracker to send position updates during the trawler delivery. 

Note:  All times noted are CDT

14 Oct:  SPOT tracker test successful.
23 Oct Wednesday:  Captain and Mate traveled from Texas to meet owners at the boat and prepared for early departure 24 Oct.  Received weather forecast and routing recommendations from Chris Parker of Marine Weather and Communications.
24 Oct Thursday:  9:45 AM captain calls and reports they departed at 6:30 AM and had exited Mobile Bay and were headed offshore to round the Mississippi Delta.  Current offshore conditions light winds and seas 2 feet or less.  Crew and boat doing well.
25 Oct Friday:  10:57 AM captain calls and reports boat and crew doing well.  They are just west of Ship Shoal.  Frontal passage this morning at about daybreak as forecasted/expected.  ENE winds picked up to around 20 knots with slightly higher gusts, seas built to 3 to 4 feet with occasional 5 to 6 footers.  Boat is riding well with following seas.  Winds and seas are expected to lay down later in the day.  Averaging between 7.7 knots and 8.3 knots with very low fuel consumption.  Captain said that at the present speed they should be into Kemah, TX around mid-day on Sunday.  Saturday corrected log.
7:28 PM Captain calls and reports all is going well.  Had a great dinner with a nice sunset off the bow.  Seas have leveled out to about 2 feet or less and winds down to 10 to 15 out of the east.  Boat and crew performing well.  Average speed is around 8 knots.  At this rate the captain estimates they will be at the Galveston Jetties around 10 AM tomorrow morning (Saturday) and at the slip  around 2 PM.  He will call tomorrow morning as he gets into cell phone range with a more precise ETA into the slip.
26 Oct Saturday:  10:30 AM captain reports they are approaching Galveston Jetties and ETA into dock is around 2:30 PM.
2:45 PM Vessel secured at destination.

Delivery Route


Sailboat and Powerboat Deliveries Booked: 

None at this time

Sailboat and Powerboat Deliveries Planned

49 Grand Banks East Bay delivery from Palm Beach, FL to Green Turtle Cay -- Captain TBD. -- Departure June 2014.

470 Lagoon Sailing Catamaran delivery from Panama City, Panama to San Francisco, CA -- Florida/California based captains identified DG/CC.  Departure o/a 15 May 2014

401 Fortuna Sailing Catamaran delivery from Bellingham, WA to San Francisco, CA -- Captain TBD. Departure May 2014

389 Catalina Sailing Vessel delivery from Rock Hall, MD to Tortola, BVI -- Captain TBD. -- Departure Nov 2014.

370 Sweden Yachts sailboat delivery from Stamford, CT to US Virgin Islands -- Captain TBD.  Departure May 2014.

37 C&C Sailing Vessel delivery from Toronto, Canada to New York, NY -- Captain TBD.  Departure May 2014.

Some of our Many Testimonials: 

Yacht Sailboat Powerboat Delivery Captain  Sailboat Delivery --  "I am extremely pleased with the professionalism, local knowledge and trouble shooting abilities of the Global Delivery Service captain and crew.  On a scale of 1 to 10 my satisfaction level is a high 12.  I will recommend Global Delivery Service to my boating friends."  Owner 42 ft. sailboat Seattle, WA to Kodiak, AK delivery.
Yacht Sailboat Powerboat Delivery Captain 
Powerboat Delivery -- "Your recommendation of Global Delivery Service to captain our boat for the 600 miles back to Florida was excellent.  The captain made our trip safe, informative and enjoyable.  From start to finish, this was one of the most enjoyable buying processes we have ever experienced...".   Owner 42 ft. powerboat Kemah, TX to Destin, FL delivery.
Yacht Sailboat Powerboat Delivery Captain 
Sailboat Delivery -- " I asked GDS to help me deliver my new boat to Connecticut.  They were very responsive and provided a captain who knew the local waters and conditions.  We had a great trip.  GDS is a professional operation.  I would recommend GDS to my boating friends and would use their services again."   Owner 27 ft. sailboat, Nova Scotia to Connecticut delivery
Yacht Sailboat Powerboat Delivery Captain  Powerboat Delivery -- " I was totally satisfied with The Global Delivery Service team.  It was a professional operation from start to finish.   They provided an accurate estimate, quickly got my boat underway, kept me informed of her progress and delivered my boat in great shape.  I highly recommend GDS."   Owner 63 ft Motor Yacht Florida to Connecticut delivery.
Yacht Sailboat Powerboat Delivery Captain  Sailboat Delivery --  "GDS was aces, absolutely top shelf service."  Owner of a 37 ft. sailboat Hampton, VA to Tortola participating in the Caribbean 1500 Rally.  GDS provided captain, crew, and safety equipment for the vessel (life-raft, EPIRB and Sat Phone).
Yacht Sailboat Powerboat Delivery Captain  Commercial Vessel Delivery -- "Your captain  was an absolute pleasure to work with. If we are in need again we will definitely call you first.  Thanks for helping us out of a jam in such an efficient, professional manner."  Agent for 166 ft. Casino Boat/Converted Ferry.  Freeport to Beaumont, TX and back to Freeport.
Yacht Sailboat Powerboat Delivery Captain  Sailboat Delivery -- I wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with the professionalism and expertise of the crew you provided.   I could not have hoped for any better result.  I also wanted to thank you for the rapid response in mobilizing the crew so quickly.”  Owner 46 Fountain Pajot sailing catamaran Grenada to Florida delivery.




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